A view of the undercover 90 yard shooting area 5 people shooting on the undercover rifle range View of Field Sport UK's wooden 80 yard range with rifle props

Book a Lane

Welcome to Field Sport UK.

If you have your own equipment you can hire a shooting lane on one of our ranges - 80 Yard rifle, 90 yard rifle and Pistol lanes that are situated on the 80y or 90y range.

We also have a woodland course for you to have a go or you can use for practising HFT / FT discipline.

You'll need to make the online booking more than 2 hours before the time you require, otherwise, the time slot will not show up. You can also only book up to 30 days in advance.

If you require more than one lane, you must book each person separately.

If this booking system isn't showing a date or time you would like please get in touch with our office on 01283 763350 during office hours.

If a day/time is not showing on our booking system, we may be fully booked however you are welcome to call us to double check.

- No membership - Come as often or as little as you like.

- Prebook a lane before arrival. This is because we may be full, time is precious and fuel is expensive.

- £10 per lane for 2 hours.

- You must not be a prohibited person under section 21.

- Under 18’s must be accompanied by someone over 21 years.

- Open weekdays 9am-3pm or Saturdays 9am-5pm.

- Air Rifle must be sub 12ft lb and Air Pistols sub 6ft lb.

- BB’s must be 6mm or less and we do prefer biodegradable.

- We only allow 2 people per lane with 1 person shooting.

- 24 Hour cancellation notice required.
If you cancel past this time then you will need to pay for your reserved space and a payment link will be sent via text or email.
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