Airgun Range FAQ's

1. Do you need to be a member?
No membership is required at our centre, come as little or often as you like and just pay as you go.

2. Can I bring a friend?
You can indeed, we allow 1 other person to share your lane (only 1 gun).

3. Can I bring more than 1 person to share my lane?
We only allow 2 people to 1 lane this is to stop overcrowding. You can pay for more lanes if you want.

4. Can I bring more than 1 gun?
Yes, however, we ask that only 1 gun be out of its slip at any one time due to space.

5. Can I pay card on the day?
No, to keep costs down we ask for cash on the day. Our service for payment machines in the woodland is also not the best.

6. Is there a minimum age?
No, however, we stress that this is a shooting ground and not a playground.

7. Can I use a FAC air rifle?
No, sub 12ft Ib rifles and sub 6ft Ib pistols only.

8. Can I use my home defence air rifle/air pistol/paintball marker?

9. Can I use my airsoft rifle at your range?
Yes, we do prefer biodegradable BBs and they must be 6mm or less.

10. Do I need to pre book?
Yes, time is precious and fuel is expensive. Sometimes the lanes are full so you do not want a wasted journey.

11. Can I bring snacks and drinks?
Absolutely, however, you must take all litter away with you.

12. Do you have snacks and drinks on site?
Unfortunately, we only have bottled water on site.

13. Do I need insurance?
We do advise you to have air rifle insurance however it is not mandatory at our range.

14. Can I bring my dog?

15. Do you fill buddy bottles on the gun?

16. Do you fill air tanks?
Yes, however they must be in test. We offer a 2 day turnaround. £5 for small tanks £7 for 12ltr tanks.

17. Do you have any supplies for me to buy?
We have a small range of pellets, paper targets and CO2 available.

18. Do you have a car park?
We do indeed have a free car park, just a short walk from the ranges.

19. Do you have toilets?
We do indeed.

20. Is it undercover?

21. Do I need to pay if I dont show?
We require at least 24 hours notice, if you cancel past this time then you will need to pay for your reserved space and a payment link will be sent via text or email.

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