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Leicestershire HFT/FT Course

Our woodland Air Gun Shooting Course situated in North-West Leicestershire is designed for air rifle users to have a go or for shooters to practice the Hunter Field Target/Field Target (HFT/FT) discipline. The air rifle course simulates hunting-type scenarios in a woodland setting and is designed to educate the safe use of sub 12 ft-lb airguns within a formatted, controlled environment. The targets are strategically placed to imitate various hunting scenarios. The resetting targets range from 8 yards to 45 yards with individually sized ‘hit zones’. This is a sport that includes the thrill of hunting with the elements of target shooting, making it a challenging discipline for air rifle enthusiasts.

Would you like to enter the exciting world of Woodland Air Gun Shooting HFT/FT with us? Our training facilities are perfect for beginners looking to understand and get into Woodland HFT/FT Air Gun Shooting or its a great facility for experienced air rifle shooters looking for a place to train.

On our Woodland HFT/FT Air Gun Shooting Course, each shooting peg stipulates how each shot should be taken (Prone, standing, kneeling etc). Because we are running the course as a training facility, if you are uncomfortable with the stipulated shooting position, then each target can be shot from your desired position or by using shooting sticks.

Time sessions will start promptly, if you miss the safety brief (Which you will receive on every session) Then you will have to wait until another staff member can sign you in.

- No membership
- Come as often or as little as you like
- Prebook a lane before arrival
- Everyone must have a whistle (Not your lips)
- £10 per lane for 2 hours
- You must not be a prohibited person under section 21
- Under 18’s must be accompanied by someone over 21 years
- Minimum age for this range is 12+
- Open weekdays 9am-3pm or Saturdays 9am-5pm.
- Air Rifle must be sub 12ft lb
- On this range, you may not share a gun with another person unless they pay for a place

Any Questions please contact us.

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